Risa Ennis Family Mediation and Counselling Services
Taming Your Ego

It's her personal experiences that have informed her life's work. At age 19, she watched her parents divorce, a traumatic and formative experience. "My parents saw me as a confidante," she remembers. "I was the peacekeeper and the negotiator. I acquired a very good idea, years before I became a mediator, of the complexities of divorce."


  • B.A., PPE(Cert), AccFM(OAFM), M.A.
  • Practical Parenting Educator Certificate,
  • Accredited Family Mediator
  • Pastoral Counsellor

Member of:

  • Ontario Association for Family Mediation
  • Family Mediation Canada
  • Collaborative Practice Toronto Group
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario
Two university professors were also instrumental in her career development. "They saw I was crumbling under the pressure of having my parents' divorce on my shoulders," she says.

"I am convinced that they are why I went into this work. They taught me about the importance of self esteem. Through them, I also understood how important it was to talk with someone when you are suffering."


Risa Ennis Family Mediation and Counselling Services

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