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Taming Your Ego

Risa's Career

Risa's career path seems almost preordained. Shortly after the divorce of her parents, Risa was called upon to care for her father through a terminal illness, an experience that gave her an understanding of the many complex issues surrounding loss and grief. "It was another defining moment," she says.

She decided to impart what she had learned by training as a parenting educator and teaching parenting classes.

The classes were attended by many divorced parents, and she started holding support groups for them. "Then I became accredited as a family mediator to expand my professional services to those struggling with divorce issues and especially to assist their children," she says.

When she had her own three children, she stayed home and applied all she had learned about self esteem to her children.

"No one was raising kids the way I was raising my three girls," she says.


Risa Ennis Family Mediation and Counselling Services

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