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Taming Your Ego

Common Concerns

The most common concerns are: anger, procrastination and frustration. We constantly deal with these obstacles at the cost of our well being and often, without any training.

The coping skills that are necessary to deal with these concerns are not taught , inherited or part of our genes. Where do we get the information that is so badly needed in order to diffuse our anger, leap the hurdle of procrastination and deal with our frustrations?

Many people are very fearful of going to these scary underlying emotions because of the emotional pain they feel it will cause to dredge up past hurts. So, as Ms. Lerner aptly points out, anger is used as a defense against facing oneself and others because of the fear of change within ourselves and within our relationships.

It is only through facing our fears of exposing our underlying emotions that will ultimately give us peace of mind. When we stop wrestling with our emotionial baggage in our minds, we stop wrestling with ourselves and others.

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