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Risa will be speaking in April at a lecture, here are some details:

Go to www.mutualsolutions45.com/MS/Divorce_Talks.html to get the whole overview from them.

Mutual Solutions have asked Risa to give a talk on April 12, 2011 called 'The Moment of Truth: How to tell your kids and your partner' (about separation).

This topic will explore how to prepare oneself (both emotionally and intellectually) to have this most difficult discussion with first, your spouse and then your children. 
Sometimes, both parents mutually agree to separate and one does not have to tell the other they want a separation.  However, in many cases one spouse does initiate the talk about wanting a separation.

The talk will first explore best ways to have this difficult discussion with a spouse.  Different scenarios will be shared with strategies to honestly and clearly deliver this news to a spouse.
Then the talk will centre around how both parents can effectively communicate this most difficult message to their children about their upcoming separation. 

Since children always remember this talk about when their parents told them about their separation, it will be discussed how parents can best prepare themselves emotionally for this talk first, and second, what key and simple messages should be conveyed in this first talk with the children.  Age-appropriateness for these messages will also be discussed.

Many clients come for professional assistance in learning the best way to broach this subject with both partners and children because it is such a sad and fearful experience. 

Getting professional feedback can be extremely valuable in the emotional and intellectual preparation for having the most effective talk for a very difficult situation - the beginning of a family separation.

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