Risa Ennis Family Mediation and Counselling Services
Taming Your Ego

"The fit is there," she explains, "because people are spiritually at a low point following a separation. I help people grieve appropriately and acknowledge that the pain has a purpose." To those experiencing divorce, she says, "Be patient. Know that it is a journey... identify your goals and your vision and keep focused on those. But most importantly, the journey is one of healing of self."

Pastoral Counselling - What is it?

While she built her mediation business, she also earned her Master's Degree in Pastoral Counselling, a unique designation in Toronto. "Pastoral Counselling takes the tools of traditional counselling and adds different, short-term approaches to help people learn to cope tangibly and effectively with life which builds their spiritual wellness," she explains. "Helping people in this way taps into one of my great loves, self esteem building."

Risa Ennis Family Mediation and Counselling Services

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